Keeping Public Lands in Public Hands for Public Benefit

A small group of local citizens started the Seattle Green Spaces Coalition in 2014, to keep landscaped City Light substations in public hands, for public benefit. In addition to its public parks, the City of Seattle owns 400 acres of forests, wetlands and open spaces. Instead of selling that land to developers, SGSC wants the City to ask neighbors and communities how they want to use it — such as for P-Patches and pocket parks, creating peaceful urban space, improving public and environmental health, and so much more. By engaging civic groups and communities throughout Seattle in retaining their public lands in public hands, the SGSC helps keep Seattle one of America’s most livable cities.

Come meet us at our monthly community meetings, at public libraries around the city. And help SGSC engage your neighbors and communities to keep our city livable, vibrant and sustainable!

What We Do

Land trust: SGSC initiated city efforts to create a land trust to manage and acquire the city’s 400 acres of non-park green spaces. We’re partnering with City Council members, Seattle Dept. of Parks and Recreation, experts and community groups.

$1 Billion in Green Value: Seattle’s trees and green spaces deliver $1 billion worth of value to our city every year—in public health, erosion control, improved property value, habitat, oxygen output, carbon absorption. SGSC is helping the City account for this value, and use it in its cost-benefit analyses, policy-making and operations.

Five-Acre Woods: SGSC facilitated efforts by the Lake Forest Park Stewardship Foundation, local citizens and Lake Forest Park City Council members, to make this surplus Seattle Public Utilities forest and wetland into a Lake Forest Park asset.

Myers Parcels Victory: SGSC helped rally thousands of Seattle people in 2015-16, to convince Mayor Murray’s administration not to sell the 33-acre Myers Parcels in West Seattle. Today, this forest and wetland area is “land banked”
for a future Seattle park.