Seattle Green Spaces Coalition

We are actively reaching out to Neighborhoods through out Seattle to identify both Seattle City Light abandoned surplus substations and other surplus City Properties that are should be preserved and re-purposed for the benefit of the Neighborhoods. Working with a growing number of Seattle Neighborhoods we have identified over 35 such legacy sites and are asking that the City help us to identify all potential sites.

We have constructively engaged City Council, City Mayors' Office, City Departments and Agencies, Seattle Urban Forestry Commission, King County Agencies, Neighborhood Associations and Councils, key non-profit groups such as Forterra, Seattle Parks Foundation, and Green Seattle. These engagements have begun a dialog on the preserving value of the legacy parcels and how best to provide the resources needed for ensuring the best re-purposing to preserve and enhance our urban environment.  

Seattles' Green Environment is slowly being diminished - Our Parks, Trees, Grass Lands, Wetlands, Flowering Shrubs, and every part of our Green Canopy need to be actively preserved, protected and enhanced for the benefit of not only we who are here now, but for our children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews who follow in our footsteps. Please join us: we meet one a month and invite you to attend and lend us your thoughts and help.


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SGSC Meets :
December 14,
Delridge Library 3:00-4:45

The Poetry Contest Poems have been judged and awarded. 

Amazing poems were submitted by all contestants. We are working to publish these in the near future.